Welcome To GIS

It's all hidden, embedded in a child. Whether a bud will transform into a rose or a sunflower, need not be told or contra led by anyone. The bud is going to bloom, naturally. A child has it all within, he or she will become a musician or a painter, another Einstein or Aryabhatta needs no one to tell. At the Golden International, the very belief in uniqueness of every child makes education a natural process. The focus here is on developing an individual vision for every child considering the inert potential, and then creating experiences for the child that will help achieve the envisioned objective without burdening the child with the task of earning knowledge. The challenge is to create that nature of learning environment where children grasp as much as they can from the outside world and yet not lose their originality.


The Infrastructure and list of facilities are mere means to facilitate the natural process of imparting education.

Our Mess

Lunch Facility is optional. The school provides mid day meals which are vegetarian for all those who opt for it.

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Our Classrooms

We have classrooms, each classroom is well ventilated and gets enough heights inside, we also have educomp smart boards.

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bus service

The school has a fleet of buses with GPS facility, cameras and well trained bus staff. which ensures security of the ward.

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What We Offer

Care at school is a little different from care at home. Its not limited to child's safety and physical health.

Research And Discovery based methodology

At GIS, students explore and create their own logics. Thus they build knowledge. The library and the labs facilitate researching attitude.

Learning through Nature

We consider nature to be a book. Therefore students at GIS go beyond text books.They learn through nature. Students are given tasks in groups which give the real life experiences and help them evolve.


The universal fact that mind, body and soul should resonate in harmony for a fulfilled life. Therefore school promotes well being through yoga and sports.


governing body

Mr. Gopal Agrawal

The Director

Reena Khurana

The Principal