The Chairman

Work is worship

 Motto: Men of action never worry for the results.
Do your job well and the results shall follow.

 True to the statement, he joined the business of his father when he was still a teenager. At the young age of fifteen he had the courage to venture in to the territory of manufacturing. He took the family owned business of packaging material to new heights and soon diversified in to the construction business. He is highly regarded person among the business fraternity of Indore and is a well known personality of the state.

All the achievements of his life have made him a firm believer that every business must contribute something to the society as a whole. The simple thought that you are doing something for others give you the quintessential inspiration to put in that extra effort to get succeed. He always considered the responsibility of his employees as his own and always worked to make sure that they also grew and felt secure. He always wanted to do something which was selfless and providing education was a real good match. He believes in letting the experts do the job and is seldom a part of day to day activities of the school. He focuses his energy to ensure that the institution continues to run in a manner that fulfils the long term objectives of providing affordable quality education. His long term vision is to take the GIS network to the village level, where there is a real need for quality education.