The Principal

We say that Newton discovered gravitation. Was it sitting anywhere waiting for him? The falling of an apple gave a suggestion and he rearranged all his thoughts in his mind and discovered a new link among them which we call the law of gravitation. Information comes from out but understanding comes from within. What puts light into the information is your own inner light. Knowledge lies within. It is inherent in man and what man knows or learns is really what he discovers. What it needs is awakening. Acquisition of knowledge is not education but the art of utilization of knowledge is Education. The faculties of an individual in the normal and natural state are an undeveloped, disorganized, confused lot with no purpose and direction. Education gives direction and purpose to them. It takes into account all aspects of human personality, develop and draw the respective potentials and integrate them methodically. We want education by which character is formed, strength of mind is increased, the Intellect is expanded and by which one can stand on ones own feet.


The universe is inter play of energy & matter. Out of all forms of energy the most potent form of energy is love. It is this form that fills up one to become complete . A complete individual is happy and successfull. Children should be given atmosphere of love, harmony and security. It is then that maximum learning take place.


Young and spirited, Mrs. Khurana has been working in the field of developing skill based learning programme for children since last fifteen years with the leading institutions of Indore. She got the opportunity to work as the assistant professor in the department of Biochemistry at Holkar Science College, Indore, but her keen interest in learning various aspects of human development took her to join Progressive Education School. She later became the Research and Project Guide in the same institution. Mrs. Khurana is the founder Principal of “The Juniors College” Indore. She has been an active member of the Ram Chandra Mission where she served herself as the coordinator for Imparting Value Based Education which aims at training of the mind, body and soul for attainment of higher educational Objectives.


She has also been assisting NGO groups in developing curriculum for the schools and also training teachers. Her expertise lies in building innovative, creative, experimental and non-traditional modes of teaching required to develop necessary skills in children that can help them to discover their potentials to face the world. She designed various educational games in order to make learning more meaningful and fun. Working in capacity of a Project and Research Guide added a new dimension to her approach to inspire children to the road of self discovery and develop in them the power of logic, reasoning, analysis and critical thinking ability.