The school bus routes and timings will be informed in advance. Any change in the bus timings will be notified.

  • The students are expected to follow instructions of the teachers, the driver and the conductor while traveling. Change of routes will not be allowed. In exceptional cases prior permission must be taken.
  • In case of the change of residence, it should be reported to the school office in writing.
  • Students using school bus will maintain discipline in the bus. Parents should not have any transaction/ physical fight with the bus staff.
  • If the school buses are not sent on their round to pick up the children from their bus stops, please take it that the school is closed due to unforeseen circumstances
  • Any child below class V will not be dropped if there is no person to receive him or her at the stop and will be brought back to school from where the parent will have to pick him or her up. The driver has instructions to wait only for two minutes while dropping your child home.
  • If the child is picked up by someone other than the parent then an authority letter should be sent with the person.
  • Those traveling by their own conveyance will have to produce their gate pass before entering the school premises.